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Dr. Amir Behaein
Dr. Behaein is a medical practitioner with professional experiences in skin care for over 18 years. He graduated as Medical Doctor from Ahvaz (Jondi Shapoor) Medical University in 1995. His interest and tendency about skin care, causes that he concentrate and focus his mind on all health related issues, control and management of skin problems.

Dr. Behaein has lead numerous research in the field of Aesthetic and has served over several thousand clients providing them with quality skin care services.

As a certified skin care specialist, Dr. Behaein brings the knowledge of skin to his treatments leading to excellence and patient satisfaction. Now he is in vancouver with his high quality experiences that can be exposed to his new and lucky clients. Here is summary of his activities:

  • Member of Camacs (Canadian Association of Medical Spa and Aesthetic Surgeons).
  • Professor Degree in Teaching Medical Sciences for Medical Students.
  • Head researcher of Skin Occupational Diseases in air force complex of Iran.
  • Assistant researcher in skin problems in Tehran Prisons Organization.
  • Head of medical committee of Martial Art Federation of Iran.
  • Head of medical committee of Cano & Kayak and Water Sports Federation of Iran.
Mrs. Maryam Asadifard
Maryam Asadifard graduated in Economical Science Master Degree in 1994. She was always interested in make up and beauty sciences and when she married to her husband (DR. Amir Behaein) her desires occur unbelievable and she found herself increasing her knowledge and experiences about skin care, health and beauty.

Maryam worked with her husband for over 14 years and now she is expert in:

  • Advanced laser technician
  • Photo rejuvenation
  • Performing laser hair removal
  • Skin tightening, peels, MediFacial
  • And other advanced skin treatments

After 14 fabulous years, she immigrated to canada with her family and now she is in vancouver for her clients needs.
EXTREME BEAUTY SKIN CARE Clinic is family-owned and operated right here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are committed to offering a memorable client experience with the best technology at our disposal. Other companies may offer similar services, but our treatments are uniquely more effective, and come with a personal touch.

Our procedures are performed by highly skilled medical aesthetic technicians specializing in both caucasian and ethnic skin types, to maximize health and safety.
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